Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 The incredible delay in updating (which I'm sure had you all anxiously awaiting) is due to the fact that A) my life has been wonderfully busy as of late and B) I was waiting for that inspiration to hit me. Lucky for you, inspiration finally hit and on a day in which I have little to do. Good old ignorance. Is it bliss or is it idiotic?

For purposes of this post, a little background. A friend asked me if I would want to know about something, knowing full well it was upsetting, or would I choose ignorance? Why would anyone turn a blind eye against something? What do you really gain from not knowing? Peace of mind? Temporary happiness? No, you lose time that could be spent doing something else, something more productive.

Example: choosing not to be told that girl you just kissed is your sister, or that the guy you've been crushing on just asked for another girl's number.

In both examples, you're presented with opportunities to change your habits and ways for the better. You would stop kissing your sister and find someone not genetically related to you to further a relationship with. You would stop swooning over a guy who clearly isn't interested and find someone who is. Why would anyone want to be ignorant?

The only example I can think of when ignorance might be bliss is when discussing a dead loved one. You don't want to know the truth but instead, remember them as you knew them. That is literally the only time I could see ignorance being useful. Please, if you have thoughts or conflicting views on the subject matter, enlighten me.