Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top 10 Worst Feelings

Today, instead of delving into ten things that stink (or rock) for a certain sex, I'm going to expand upon the ten worst feelings known to mankind. Of course, as this is my blog, this list reflects my attempt at humorous opinions.

1.) Swollen lymph nodes. There are few things worse than the pain felt when you wake up in the morning and in attempt to get rid of that morning breath in your mouth, swallow only to feel discomfort in your throat. You would think after all these years, our bodies would find a painless way to produce white blood cells...

2.) Losing a bet. Maybe this is just me and the fact that I hate to lose, but having to concede to a friend when you were positive you would win is just the worst. Especially when the winner rubs your face in it, or even  when they don't.

3.) Paper cuts. Those little snitches hurt! And then you can't find them to put a band-aid on (and why would you? It's just a paper cut, man!) so should soap, hand sanitizer or anything at all get on it, shooting pain rears its ugly head.

4.) When your drink goes down the wrong tube. I do this all the time and those 20 seconds of trying to clear your throat is awful. Plus, spending the next hour clearing the phlegm out of your throat is plain annoying.

5.) Waking up from an absolutely terrifying nightmare and not being able to fall back asleep. Or worse, falling back asleep and going right back into the nightmare. Me and my five year old imagination cannot handle this.

6.) Hangnails. Another one of those little things that cause a stupid amount of pain, especially when they go Black Swan style and rip halfway up your finger.

7.) Making a pot of coffee on a beautiful Saturday morning to find you have no creamer. Note: I don't keep milk or sugar in my house because I rarely use it, so this would render my coffee pot, and subsequent plans to read on my front porch, meaningless.

8.) When your morning alarm goes off on a holiday. If only you had remembered to turn that bad boy off, you would be sleeping soundly and waking up leisurely. Instead, you lay there cursing your phone for not taking into consideration the fact that Arbor Day just might warrant taking the morning off.

9.) Realizing you're out of toilet paper a second too late.
Then, any amount of time is too much as you figure out your next course of action.

10.) The moment you discover that email or text you just sent was to the wrong person. There's nothing quite like professing your love of someone to a girlfriend and realizing you sent it to him. Or better yet, venting about someone and seeing their name fell into the 'To' box as well.