Saturday, June 9, 2012

We've all been there - waiting for that guy you've been staring at across the bar to come over and chat you up, or being the guy contemplating if he's going to go for it. So I have to ask, when is it a good idea to ask for that hot girl's number?

I will say that I have not had to do the Can-I-get-your-number dance too often, and frankly, that's fine with me. I can only assume this is why guys are hesitant to ask for a girls number. They know we get annoyed with it and they know there's a good chance we'll give them a phony number. I give kudos to the guy from St. Patty's day who not only asked for my number, but came back and asked me for it again after I gave him the wrong one (oops). So why does it always seem the guys who ask for our numbers are the ones we don't want to give it to?

My roommate walks in yesterday from grocery shopping and shares her adventures in Wal-Mart, which include being asked for her number. Twice. Really guys? In a Wal-Mart? I mean, I get that a bar is probably not the best place to meet someone not looking for a midnight romp, but with that in mind, I would say Wal-Mart is definitely not much higher on the list. After this story, the three of us girls launch into tales of our experiences and I pose the question of leagues. We all know the idea of "leagues" in dating, and while we all say we don't agree with it, we all know we do. So why is it the guys that ask for a girls number always seem to shoot out of their league?

Think of it as baseball, boys. There are the minors and the majors, the triple AAA's and the doubles. Don't ask a girl in the majors for her number if you're still back doing the triple A thing. Or do, just don't expect it to be a good number. If she is into you, she'll come talk to you. Because that's the thing, at a certain point in life, we ladies stop being so shy and end up going after what we want. If the bar is closing soon and you've just been returning my stares all night, you better believe I'll come say hi before the night ends.