Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate."
--Carrie Bradshaw

Life is great and frankly, has never been better. It makes me realize that everything really does happen for a reason and coming to that happy conclusion is the best feeling. I've always told myself (and you readers) that the low points will lead to another high, you just have to get there. And if you're in a low point right now, keep going. The past 10 months of my life felt like running the obstacle course on Wipeout. I'd get through one hurdle only to be presented with another. After it beat me up a few times, I'd clear that one and have to jump on the big, red balls. But I did it. And I'm so much better for it.

Like I've written before, I love looking back and thinking, 'Had this not happened, that wouldn't have come to pass, then I wouldn't have met that person,' so on and so forth. So all the crud you're going through right now is for a reason. Maybe it's teaching you a skill you didn't realize would be beneficial, maybe it's to introduce you to someone who will end up changing your life in a way you never thought. Regardless, there is a reason for it and if you don't know it now, you will eventually. Just keep reminding yourself that when you're questioning everything.

The new job is amazing, the people and place are incredible and I'm so happy. I go to sleep excited to go to work, which is something I've never experienced. I know people don't like to call past experiences mistakes but I think the biggest thing is to not regret these mistakes. You make 'em, you live, you learn. Each mistake is another piece that helps define the puzzle and put it all together, so I say make that life altering decision and go for it. If anything, it'll be an experience that helps define you and your future.