Sunday, May 1, 2011

"All it takes is Faith and Trust." --Peter Pan

It's been a while since a post and I'm going to blame it on my recent lack of anything post-worthy. That's not to say that exciting and good things haven't been happening, but I won't bore you with those thoughts and details. What is post-worthy? That's right, the Royal Wedding. Are you sick of hearing about it and seeing it all over the internet? Well, here's one more page that will bing when 'Royal Wedding' is searched.

Catherine Middleton and William of Wales have finally tied the knot. I remember being younger and having such a crush on Wills. He was so handsome even when he was young. And I remember when I learned about Kate Middleton. I expected them to break up and that I would eventually wind up in William's life. Well, that plan is obviously kaput and I am quite alright with that. I have found my new girl crush in Miss Middleton. She is both classy and trendy while being incredible traditional and has yet to do something that puts her in a negative light.

After watching the wedding, it was obvious that these two are absolutely in love and adore each other. Reading various articles and reports only confirm that notion, telling of how he was doting on her at the reception or how she never left his side. It's all terribly romantic but like most, I am curious to watch their relationship unfold. When polled, 9 out of 10 British women said they did not envy Kate, due to her inability to lead a normal life now. But when we're kids and even as we grow up, who thinks "I want a normal life" and who thinks "I want an exciting future"? Yes, Kate Middleton can no longer take a walk in the park or run to the grocery in busy London, but really, who wants to run errands?

That being said, Catherine did sacrifice everything for William. She essentially left the life she knew behind, although she had grown accustomed to the public eye since they have been dating for 8 years. But, as a royal, she can no longer vote or hold a job...well, she can but it's apparently frowned upon by the monarchy. Yes, she left normalcy behind but she did it for love. Men find marriage and commitment terrifying but it seems common that women will do what ever they have to for love. I'm not saying men won't go above and beyond but at the same time I wonder, would they? Maybe it's something that's hardwired into the female brain, maybe it's something we're surrounded with in culture and media, I have no idea but it raises the question, what would you do for the person you love?


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