Monday, February 6, 2012

Why do guys wear their pants like this? At first I thought it was a phase, something every male felt the need to do during their prepubescent years of junior high. As if their "cool" factor in school rose for every inch their pants were down from their hips. Initially, just a little bit of the boxers (or briefs, if that's your style) peeked out from under those jeans. But, as time went on and guys began to feel even more compelled to reveal their backside, the pants got lower. And lower. And lower still.

Then, as I got older and the guys around me did too, something magical happened. The pants suddenly covered more, or they finally found shirts that didn't end at their belt buckle. I was now confronted with the challenge of guessing if you were a boxers or briefs guy and I loved every second of it. Some people would say it's a style choice. Some guys want to wear their pants around their knees and struggle to walk. And you know what? That's fine. Just don't be surprised when I, or anyone who shares this opinion, cock my head to the side and look at you through squinted, confused eyes.

I hate not wearing a belt, even if I don't need one, mainly because I hate when my pants slink down. No one wants to see the view that a trendy top (see here is made to cover. You don't want to see granny panties riding up to cover my bum and you don't want to see just what those pants are covering. So why do I have to see your underwear or suffer the experience of seeing that dividing line?

Take my advice, pull up your pants. You can be a "thug" or "teen heartthrob" (I'm looking at you, Justin Bieber) just the same with your pants up. And you know what? You'll be better for it. You can run (heck, even walk) faster or dance around that stage better. So please, do all the women of America (and the world) over the age of seventeen a favor and pull up your pants.


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