Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Mice Saga : Part VIII

For the readers that don't know, I have been having visitors to my apartment for a few weeks now. At first, I liked my new house guest. I affectionately named him Todd and had visions of making a home for him with Teddy and I. Unfortunately, Todd took advantage of the hospitality and I had to end things right there.

And yes, Todd is a mouse...

Well, Todd "left" and I thought everything was back to normal. Until I saw Todd's confused mate, Thick Kevin (please refer to the film Pirate Radio to understand the full awesomeness of his name). Todd must have told Thick Kevin about how amazing things were in Apartment D because he just had to join. I thought Todd was bad, TK proved me otherwise. Needless to say, he had to go.

Now, in the time it took to go from loving to hating Todd, he must have been busy because since then, all of his children have come to mourn him and yell at me. They don't even try to be sneaky anymore, running around in the daylight looking for more food. It all came to a head last Thursday. I heard rustling in my room (again) and had it. I wasn't going to sleep with earplugs if I didn't have to, so I scoured my room to find what the mouse could be eating. There was a stack of solo cups on my desk with a package of 6 Oreo's in them. I thought the aluminum foil wrapping the oreo's would deter the mice but apparently not. I went to throw them away and when I turned the cups upside down over the trash can, yep, out tumbles a mouse.

I haven't heard or seen any since then but I'm sure there still here, waiting. I cleaned up more mice droppings today than I ever thought possible. If I didn't have an intense fear of snakes, I would buy one just so it could take care of the mice. Needless to say, I think I've become pretty hardened to taking care of messy situations. No longer will I have to call my friend at 11 o'clock at night to have him kill some cockroaches (thanks again for the Barret!) or wait and hope the bugs get tired of my place.

I can only hope this is the final chapter to the Mice Saga but fear not, I will keep you updated if it is not.


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