Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here's the thing...I can't (with regards to the above picture). I have a very steady, back and forth relationship with texting. I like it, then I get really annoyed with it, then we fall in love, have a huge fight and break up, only to get back together again because everyone else in this world won't phone, they'll text.

Keep in mind, this is the girl who didn't have text messaging until spring semester of her freshman year. At college. I never really saw the point - I could call you on the same phone, get all of my questions answered and go back to my business in less than a minute. With texting, there is/was all that 'hey' 'hey' 'what's up' 'not much you?'. Come on, this isn't AIM for your phones (and don't get me started on the 'what's up' question...what kind of question is that, anyways? Is there even a real response besides 'not much'? I don't think so). Plus, texting has this unwritten rule that when you say something saracastic or slightly mean, you have to add 'haha' or 'lol' because without it, you just look like an ass. Then, after a conversation you look like an idiot because every single one of your texts has one, or both, of those (or is that just me and my very sarcastic nature?).

Regardless, texting has this insane ability to annoy me more than most people, so to all those people who have texted me and not gotten a timely, or any, response, now you know why. And frankly, if it was really important, you would have called me.


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