Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yes, the above statement summarizes me pretty well. I am, what I like to believe, a very creative person with an insane imagination (that often times gets me into trouble...oops). I have this theory that the more creative you are, the less athletic you are. Now, before you get huffy and annoyed that I could think you there, reading that book isn't athletic, let me explain.

I like to think of it as a scale:

Creative ------------------------------------------ Athletic

Now, in this scale, obviously you can fall in the middle or closer to one side than the other, but the root of my theory is again, the more you are of one, the less you are of the other. It should also be noted that when I say athletic, I am mostly referring to participating in team sports. I love to run but to be honest, I don't like doing it with other people. I stay away from anything athletic in which my success is tied to another person. At the same time, I would rather sit outside and read a book or play the guitar than go play volleyball or find some friends for a quick game of racquetball. 

I've talked to people about this and used their responses, as well as my memories of others to provide supporting data for my theory and mostly, it holds true. Of course, you have the oddball who loves to play music before playing soccer that night, but most of the time, the theory lives up. Of the guys I spoke to and can remember, there is a very distinct line in the sand. One even stated matter of factly "'I'm not creative at all" and he's the one that goes and plays any team sport he can during lunch. Then, as I'm thinking of my creative male friends, I see another pattern emerge similar to my own - creative most of the time, solo athletic activities some of the time. Biking, running, swimming, they do it all. 

Let me conclude by emphasizing that I think both kinds of people are great - I've often found myself wishing I were on the other end of the spectrum because reading and writing will do nothing for my health in the long run. But I'm not and because of that, you get to read a blog of random ideas and thoughts (you're welcome). 

So, where do you fall on the Creathletic scale?

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