Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” --Albert Camus

Obstacles, challenges, problems, they're all put in front of us to make us grow. To make us stronger. They break us down to make us come back as better people. And in the times of those crisis and challenges, all you can do is know that eventually, it will get better. Time truly heals everything, makes the bones mend in their special way and makes a seemingly broken person whole in a way they never were before.

But knowing you will come out the other end better than before doesn't make the journey any easier. There are too many roadblocks that threaten to trip you up and push you back down the path you just came from. You just have to remember that there is a purpose and an end to it all. You only learn about yourself when life is not going like you wanted. It's in those moments that you are challenged to find your way through the mess and come out the other end. To find the invincible summer inside yourself and know that you can get through anything.

My friends have been incredible these past few days, especially those I hadn't realized were there. Another blessing in those times of pain, discovering who is there to hold your hand and shoulder some of the pain. While they know I will always be there for them should they need me, I can only hope I will never have to be. To expect a friend to go through this would be too much for me.

This "winter" has provided me with the drive and motivation to accomplish some very tangible goals and do them according to a timeframe. I think that's all you can do when life isn't going your way, focus on things you can control and do everything to accomplish those goals. So until then, I'll keep Adele on repeat and keep in mind that everyone faces their own personal challenges in life. That some good can come from even our darkest moments and in the end, we're always better off.


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