Monday, March 21, 2011

“When late morning rolls around and you're feeling a bit out of sorts, don't worry; you're probably just a little eleven o'clockish."--Winnie the Pooh

The lack of updates in two weeks is due to my new found status as a working girl. It's incredibly weird and hard and annoying but fun and different and sometimes exciting. I am a Business Development Manager for a technology company. The title sounds so much more official than what I do but I like it. Per my training, I am currently conducting surveys over the phone to companies we think would could use our technology. In reality, this training is just to give me time to get used to talking on the phone and being comfortable getting past "gatekeepers" while having time to train. I've now worked for 8 full days and each day it gets a little better, a little more comfortable and little less sad.

Sad in the sense that this is what I will be doing for 40 odd years. Sad that my life revolves around work and the weekends, as well as the occasional day off. I'm ready to hit my one year anniversary, when I get 10 days vacation as opposed to my current five (which is still great, don't get me wrong). This is a completely different lifestyle than the one I've known for the past four and a half years and let's be honest, who likes change? Especially when you're changing from something that was so great?

I'm looking forward to my first payday, they say it all becomes worth it when you see all your hard work in money form. That will be nice. Until then, I will look forward to the little things, like seeing friends during the weekday or seeing the boyfriend on the weekends. Coming home to an incredibly excited puppy twice a day who reminds me to love the little things, not having to do anything after work and have the time solely for me.

Side note: Teddy is still alive, laying next to me on my bed with his engorged abdomen from his ascites. I'm not sure what's going on with his liver or how much longer he has, but I would appreciate any and all prayers and thoughts in his direction. He's a little fighter and makes me so happy everyday that any extra time I get to spend with him is incredible.

It's my first weekend spent here in the apartment and in the city and it's already gotten pretty full with plans. I am excited to spend a big chunk of Saturday and most of Sunday to finish unpacking and decorating. As soon as it's all done, I'll take some pictures to show off the finished product! But I'm pretty sure the boxes and pictures have somehow multiplied during their waiting period...Just my luck.


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