Wednesday, January 7, 2015

7 Day Detox: Day 4

These past two days I've been really lightheaded. Yesterday, I blamed it on taking too much melatonin but I have it again today. Is this alcohol withdrawal? I have no shakes, no all-consuming desire to crack open a brewski and throw it back, but I do have this weird sensation in my head. I'm going to hope it's the beginning of an illness instead of being alcohol related...

I puzzled the entire evening last night. My friend came over and, after I confirmed I was enjoying a booze-free week, she decided to join me in going alcohol free. It was wonderful to catch up and challenge our minds without pouring pointless calories into our bodies. On a side note: she picked the hardest puzzle known to mankind. Penguins on snow. White penguins on white snow. 

My plans to challenge myself tomorrow, hanging out with friends at our my favorite margarita joint have been scrapped, and I feel like the whole purpose of this blog series was to challenge my willpower in social settings. So now, it looks like I'll have to challenge my determination elsewhere, and if it's a Friday or Saturday I'm afraid my ability to refuse might wane. Only for you, my few readers, will I do everything I can to say no, short of sewing my mouth shut. 

I feel a little phlegmy...maybe I am getting sick. 


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