Monday, January 12, 2015

7 Day Detox: Day 9

I made it through the weekend unscathed and have come out the other end feeling great. I woke up Saturday morning after a wonderful night's sleep feeling extra skinny and ready to take on the day, and boy did I. After the game Friday night, I sat with some friends at the bar and hung out while they drank. I happily said "No thank you," to the servers when they continued to ask if I wanted anything, and I got home by ten o'clock. It was wonderful.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was so hang out with friends, still have fun, and not drink. While the beer looked yummy, I wasn't dying to have it, and it wasn't consuming every thought that went through my mind.

Sunday was easy enough to avoid drinking and thoughts of it. Fog and cold made for a dreary day, which made it incredibly easy to stay inside on my couch before having to work that afternoon. I'm sure when the weather gets warmer, it will be incredibly difficult to pull me away from the lure of a patio, but hopefully at that point I will have really nailed down my ability to say no and drink slower.

The biggest takeaway from this weekend was how wonderful it was to wake up feeling refreshed after a night of good sleep. No drunkenly passing out, or even having a small buzz that affected my sleep. It was glorious.

I will admit, today I thought it would be nice to grab a beer with some friends and catch up, but it wasn't driven by wanting a beer. It was to do something different. I'd say that's progress, wouldn't you?


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