Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"I used to be fat"

It's a little ironic to me, that I turn on MTV's I Used to be Fat when I'm mid "diet" and wanting to cave. I'm watching what I eat and trying to keep it healthy and in small portions aka nothing like the intensity of this show. That being said, I was inspired to review this show because I know you are interested.

The episode tonight features Mckenzie, an 18 year old who weighs in at 273 pounds. She talks about being teased for her weight and in turn, turning to food. Understandable. Her father comes onto the screen to tell his daughter that he just wants her to be happy and find the man that does that for her. He then goes on to say that in order to her to find this man, she has to be thin and have curves, otherwise a man will never be interested.

Excuse me? Did I just hear that right? Did he really just say that?
Yes, yes he did. They just replayed it again.

I've seen two other episodes of this show and I must say, the recurring theme (besides the obvious) is the parents. They are often heavier and don't help their child in any way, shape or form. It's often the exact opposite. I honestly don't understand how these parents can funnel their insecurities and poor health choices without realizing it. If it weren't having such an obvious effect on their kids I would understand, but come on!

Seeing something like this tacks another something on my list of what not to do when I have kids. No cell phone before high school, no quitting of an activity without giving it a fair shot, and none of this negativity.


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