Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a dreary Saturday

The weather in Houston as of late has been...boring. Cold and rainy thus preventing any kind of outside activity aka running or walking Teddy. Was it really just 11 days ago that I was laying out in my bathing suit? That's Houston for ya.

I am now getting to the point of "Winter Break" where I should be packing things up and heading back to Norman. It is so weird for me to be staying here. To talk to the boyfriend and see his apartment room on Skype and know that I'm never going to go back there (for the long term anyways). Rose said it'll take some getting used
to; I hope that happens quickly because I don't like this! I am also getting to the point of my break that the parents, regardless of what they do, seem to push my buttons. I know it's ridiculous because they aren't doing anything specific but that's what living on your own for four years does to you. I need to find a job.

Hopefully the rain will pass soon and the sun will come out. I need to play outside with my dog. I need some vitamin D (that's in the sun, right?).
Until then, I have come up with a to-do for this weekend. See that bad boy? It needs to be restrung. Desperately. The last time I did it was fall of 2008 and I have been putting it off for ages only because it's an arduous process for me, getting those little plugs out and what not. But, I will do it. And come Monday, I will be writing and playing sweet, sweet music once again. I hope.

What's that you ask? How does my picture frame look? Well, I'll tell you. Today, it has a picture in it. I can't help it. My computer isn't connected to the printer so when I want to print the pictures I have to send it to myself and open it on my dad's computer and print from there! Man, do I sound lazy or what?! I think I will do that now, unless Pop is on his computer.

In short, I will:
1) Finish filling out the picture frame
2) Begin the process of restringing my guitar (I'm already regretting that one)
3) Hopefully play outside for a bit

Over and out.


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