Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did that really just happen?

It's been a rough couple of days. Remember when I said Teddy was feeling better in my hands? Not so bloated? It was true, but his fluid tests came in and the vet told me I needed to get him to a specialist stat. Mom and I made the drive to A&M and upon arrival, they promptly took Teddy. That's when I knew it was bad, since they were waiting for us to get there.

Four odd hours later we find out his portal vein to his liver has never properly functioned, thus inhibiting the amount of blood that goes into his liver. In fact, very little blood gets filtered through it at all as he has created pathways that avert the blood around the liver straight to the heart. Because of this, his liver will stop functioning and shut down, thus killing my sweet angel.

The vet didn't know exactly how long he has. She said a few days to three weeks. Now it's just spoil spoil spoil until that dreaded day when I realize what's happened and have to take him to be put to sleep. I am having such a hard time and can't believe how quickly this all came about. I can't even truly comprehend it all. Was it just Sunday night that I was trying to kennel him at night because I didn't want him sleeping in the bed in five, ten, fifteen years? It was. And now, I don't even know if he'll be here in five days. It's mind blowing how much I've come to love the little guy, how much everyone has. He will be greatly missed.

There are definitely some hard times ahead. I just hope I can make it through unscathed.


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