Thursday, January 13, 2011

They're back

I woke up around 5 this morning to a whimpering puppy. Me being the sucker I am for him and sleep, quickly picked him up and let him sleep in the bed with me. I knew he would start to whine in two and a half hours so I didn't mind him pushing me to the side of the bed or the occasional kick. Imagine my surprise when I rolled over on my own and saw the clock say 8:49.

Unfortunately, the happiness didn't last too long. We went downstairs, he did his business outside and ate his breakfast, but not all of it. After business trip number 2, I discover that his roundworms are back. Just my luck. It's 100% my fault for not deworming him two weeks after the first deworming but I know the process isn't his favorite. Now I feel like a terrible mother. As soon as I finish my coffee I'm going to run to the vet and get a round of dewormer and try to give it to him asap.

My to-do item yesterday was to fill out that picture frame. I should have shot for a less lofty goal as I didn't have much time with a doctor's appointment and a dinner date scheduled, but what can ya do. I did manage to pick out 5 of the 8 pictures but now the question is finding the best way to print them. Any advice? I did manage to walk Teddy, a good, long walk so that's something.

For today, it's get the medicine, finish the frame and spend a lot of quality time with Teddy. And possibly try to do some yoga or pilates. I suppose none of those are actual to-dos but they'll have to do for now.


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