Monday, January 17, 2011

I wonder...

Sometimes after reading the weekly postsecret update, I wonder what I would send in if I were ever brave enough to make one. Various ideas run through my mind but nothing too shocking or scandalous to warrant a coveted spot on that blog. But still, I can't shake the urge to make one, just for me, to put out into the world. They say writing it down alone gives a sense of freedom and release-I wonder if it's true? Maybe I'll do that sometime this week...

My guitar has been restrung...just not by me. My dad was looking for something to do yesterday so I willingly offered him the guitar and strings. The little stinker finished restringing that bad boy faster than I could have with eight hands and pliers. So while I didn't do it, the point is it got done. Although that does defeat the whole purpose of making to-dos.

Today is a cloudy day sans rain. Hopefully that allows a walk as I haven't been able to do that with the Tedster in a few days. And I need to tucker him out before bed so he wakes up later than 6:58 begging to play. Not cool pup, not cool.

I have sent in my resume to a recruiter my dad knows and my sister used to get her current job and honestly, I just want to call it for the day on the job hunt front. Shame on me. To-do today? Write at least a thousand words on my story or write a song. Or both, I won't be picky.


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